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About Me

It's never too late to begin your wellness journey...

My name is Lorraine, I am an empowering coach, yin yoga teacher & holistic healer. I am the creator of my successful business "The Wellness Coach" and co. founder of the "Anam Tuatha" holistic retreat.

My own healing journey back to self changed my whole life! I went from struggle & hardship to healing old wounds. Now knowing who I am, what I want & how to create just that!
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At Anam Tuatha retreats you can completely embrace authentic healing. You can integrate all the elements of a holistic retreat.

These include: Breathwork, Cacao Ceremony, Yoga, Wim Hof Ice Bath Experience, Manifesting, Life-Coaching, Creative spaces, Introspection, Inner fire ceremony, Sharing circles and Mystical river swims. We also offer camping options, Nature walks and signature culinary dishes in tune with local ingredients with focus on a vegetarian organic menu.

Healing Services

Transform & Empower
your soul purpose…

Discover your unique power, your soul purpose and connection with your heart centre. Explore ancient rituals of yoga, healing yoga nidra, cacao ceremony, somatic movement and dance at my wellness workshops, and events.
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Cacao Ceremony

A Cacao ceremony is an ancient old tradition that was associated with the gods, healing and fertility. It has been kept sacred by the Mayan tribes for 1000s of years.
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Yin Yoga

Yin yoga improves the energy flow, enhancing the flow of chi in the organs. Yin yoga also offers wonderful emotional, spiritual and mental health benefits
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Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra involves slowing down and chilling out. So does meditation. While some people tend to lump them together, they really are two different practices…

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Journaling is not only a positive mental outlet but a beautiful way to connect to yourself and how you are really feeling in the present.
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Give your staff the gift of the best version of themselves.

Corporate Wellness packages

Wellness corporate programme
Improving workplace morale, mindset and wellbeing.

This zen package Offers employees an opportunity to engage in a mindful workshop/team building activity in the workplace.

The Blissful Break
Improving workplace morale on their lunch break

Offering employees a regular corporate yoga/meditation practice in the workplace will benefit each individual and the organisation.

What our corporate
clients say

Addressing the mental health of our teenagers

Yoga for Youths

We provide schools, juvenile detention centres and other youth oriented organisations with customised yoga and mindfulness programming. The programmes are tailored to address the behavioural, emotional and physical needs of their unique youth population.