Anam Tuatha welcomes you on a spiritual journey inwards to re-discover yourself, to find your soul purpose and reconnect with the powerful being that you already are.

Find your soul purpose

What to expect

If you feel the call to experience this very special space all you have to do is answer it;

Anam Tuatha was birthed 4 years ago, and its through the 4 years of holding space that we realized that is not a retreat for people to come to in fact we realised Anam Tuatha is a tribe; and its within this tribe that we've got to see the evolution of the human mind, body, soul & spirit;

Arrive 18th May
Depart 19th May
Off Grid Location, Co. Cavan
Graphic Symbolising the relationship between mind body & spirit.

A safe space

A Trilogy of Mind,
Body & Spirit

Each ancient ritual we participate in represents the trilogy of mind, body and spirit through the powerful energy of being held in a safe space.

The opportunity to nurture your mind, body and spirit while holding space for your intention will leave you feeling whole on a whole new level.

Natural beauty awaits

Experience Mother Natures Healing

You will experience the healing elements of mother nature through fire, water and sound with letting go fire offerings, shamanic music, cold water exposure surrounded in an oasis of natural beauty.
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Anam Tuatha Schedule


What to expect over Saturday & Sunday

Arrive 12pm Sacred Circle
Cacao & Breathwork
Mapacho Blessing
Sacred Nawe Rapé
Fire Ceremony
Shamanic Drumming
Nature Walk
Organic Vegan Food

What others have said

Some heart warming testimonials from those who have attended previous Anam Tuatha retreats.

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Where is Anam Tuatha hosted?

We host Anam Tuatha in the beautiful Coolfin House, Co. Offaly

Popular Questions

What others have asked before attending Anam Tuatha

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Anam Tuatha is located in Co. Cavan, Near cootehill. Attendees will get the eircode sent by email.

The ethos of Anam Tuatha is a complete switch of from the external influences in your life to reconnect to yourself, phones are not allowed at all, you have the opportunity to use a facilitators phone in case of emergency and you will feel more give out their number for loved ones to contact you in case of emergency.

You are never required to do anything you’re uncomfortable with during your time at Anam Tuatha retreats, however we do encourage engaging as much as you feel possible on that day.

Yes it’s an amazing journey for couples to attend together.

You have the choice of your own Private ‘Pod’ including a comfortable bed, Fresh bedding, Lamp and Power socket.

The food is all inclusive of the price, the venue uses locally sourced organic plant based products and the dishes are tasty and varied depending on seasonal foods available. Water is provided from the local well.

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