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Corporate Wellness packages

Recent studies show that 53% of all workdays lost are as a result of stress, so anything that helps to reduce stress will contribute directly to a reduction in workdays lost. One way to reduce stress that is scientifically proven, is a regular practice of yoga and meditation.

The greatest asset of a company is its people

Why should you implement wellbeing practices in the workplace?

Workplace stress is regrettably all too frequent in today's society, and it has serious consequences for both individuals and businesses. Most of us have encountered a stressor — be it at work, in relationships, with money, or with our health – and its negative influence on our lives. Workplace stress, whether related to the job or not, is linked to absenteeism, turnover, financial waste, and poor customer service. As a result, stress-reduction measures in the workplace are critical for productivity and retention.

Packages available

Zen Package

A bespoke zen program for Improving workplace morale,mindset and well-being.

The Zen Package

This zen package Offers employees an opportunity to engage in a workshop/team building activities in the workplace which will definitely have some amazing benefits for the individual and the organisation.