We move with the truth of what we find & feel.

Cacao Dance

A conscious connection

What is Cacao Dance ?

Cacao Dance is a heart-opening experience that needs to be felt to be experienced. Cacao Dance is the conscious connection of heart, music, and movement in the elements of nature.

This is no ordinary dance space.

How is Cacao Dance different?

This is no ordinary dance space. This is a place to heal together, to fall in love with dance and express our inner joy.

We reflect, we feel & then we move.

What happens at Cacao Dance ?

At Cacao Dance we gather in ritual to honor our hearts with the medicine of love. We reflect, we feel & then we move.

Guided by meditation and the amazing music to deepen the connection to our hearts, to the elements of fire , earth, space, and to this awesome community in Soul Land AKA Portmarnock Beach.  To love our body, our spirit, our life. To move beyond it all into ecstasy held by the bubble of love in Soul Land that we create together. We Dance in the dark and with the element of fire experiencing the magnificent fire dancing display around the heart of the fire. We are reclaiming ancient ritual, reclaiming dance & expression and the freedom to be a human with a wild heart willing to love it all.

Out of your head and into your heart

What are the benefits of Cacao Dance?

Cacao Dance takes you out of your head and into your heart through movement, music & heart healing medicine 

  • You experience that love buzz from Cacao
  • You can express yourself through music & estatic dance.
  • Improves your confidence and self-esteem by feeling absolutely free to express your body & soul.
  • Human connections on a soul level.
  • Recharges vital energies in a place we call Soul Land.

Embrace Mama Cacao

A breakdown of the night

  1. We begin our night embracing the beautiful plant medicine Cacao 
  2. Cacao is a heart opening, healing plant medicine, which boost all the feel good hormones in our bodies naturally allowing us to drop into our hearts and really feel  the experience with a meditation. 
  3. We allow our bodies to connect to the music ,embracing all the elements of earth, fire, air, water, and space what we like to call Soul Land – Portmarnock Beach 
  4. We dance  to our hearts content with our Soul tribe bringing the visual element of fire dancing and internal connection.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

Cacao Dance is for anyone and everyone to embody music , ecstatic dance and heal our hearts with like minded people on a soul level.

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Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is an alcohol-free event.

Dancing is not essential, but we feel that you will embody this experience naturally.

Children over the age of 14 teens are permitted once accompanied by an adult.

A cup, mat, warm clothes, lights, and swimwear if sea dipping.


Our Cacao Dance event meeting point is at the below location:

The date availability can be seen on the booking page.

Portmarnock Beach

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