Yoga for Youths

Addressing the mental health of our teenagers

Yoga for Youths

We provide schools, juvenile detention centres and other youth oriented organisations with customised yoga and mindfulness programming. The programmes are tailored to address the behavioural, emotional and physical needs of their unique youth population.

Invest in the future

The future of society

Our children are the future of our society. We need to invest in their mental health awareness and encourage them to create a daily practice of connection to mind, body and spirit through yoga & meditation

Learn to communicate with your mind, body & soul

What is involved in our practice?

A teen yoga practice involves creating a safe space and environment which allows the teens to voice their feelings and emotions, if they choose to, in a non-judgmental sharing circle. At each Yoga class, I investigate feedback and engage the group to input into their practice and class which gives the teens some ownership on their yoga journey. Yoga teaches you how to open up your communication between your body, mind and soul, which is experienced during the practice and after the effect of meditations.

What to bring?

Comfy Clothes
Yoga Mat

Healing Services

Package for teens

Youth yoga is for everyone, it will greatly improve the well-being of all teenagers if practised regularly. Here are the activities that will take place during a 1 hour session.
1 Hour

Popular Questions

What others have asked before attending Yoga for Youths

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Yes yoga is for both boys and girls…. 

Yes yoga is really beneficial to support recovery from other sports. 

No not at all, your teacher will explain clearly throughout the practice.

Yes yoga will really help you with addressing your ADHD.

Yoga is a good way for today’s kids to unwind after a long day at school. Yoga not only provides a natural way for youngsters to decompress while still getting some exercise, but it also establishes a life-long tradition of health and fitness. Finally, it is a non-competitive kind of exercise that is appropriate for children of various ages and sizes, as well as all levels of athletic ability.

This class is available for young people from the age of  12-20

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